A Squire’s Pleas (AKA: please teach me)

This past May I graduated from college with a dream to become a graphic designer. This dream seemed to become further and further out of reach the more I researched other graphic designers. These designers had spectacular resumes and portfolios. They also had great photos of themselves that made them look like successful hipsters. Needless to say, I felt as though I needed more to offer to my audience… more than a cool hipster profile photo of me in my beanie and extra-large reading glasses.

Rather than allowing myself to lose hope, I realized that I needed to simply set myself apart from all the others. I also realized that an internship at Hüify as a graphic design squire would provide me with the tools to do so. It is my mission to attain a stellar portfolio and a great understanding of how to apply inbound marketing tactics to help me to promote myself (I will take care of my hipster photo).

More specifically, I want to build a portfolio that displays how graphic design can enhance a person’s ability to process information and a person’s ability to relate and be entertained by material that may otherwise put them to sleep. This can be accomplished through an infographic, a storyline with illustrations or even a well designed e-book. An example of this can be seen on Hüify’s blog, where the anatomy of a CEO is delivered in a creative and entertaining way (spoiler: you will learn that there is an extreme shortage of female CEOs).

I also want to learn who my buyer persona would be. Is it different from the other graphic designers out there because I am new or because I can specialize in a certain area? How should I target this persona? What social media platforms do they use, Facebook or Pinterest… Tea or Coffee? Okay, TMI, but developing a strong understanding of who I am targeting will allow me to plan out everything else. BTW, would my buyer persona understand these acronyms?

I also believe that it will be crucial for me to learn how to create effective content. I would like to gain a better understanding of SEO, social media etiquette and how to make content informative and interesting every single time I publish something to my blog or social media pages.

To sum it up, there is a lot I want to learn, but I am also looking forward to learning about unexpected topics. I believe there is so much that I do not even know about yet. In the end I know the knowledge I gain as an intern with Hüify will set me apart from the other graphic designers in a unique and effective way.


By the end, I will be as cool as hipster bunny


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